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 Halloween Costume Contest 2017 {Closed}

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PostSubject: Halloween Costume Contest 2017 {Closed}   Mon Oct 30, 2017 8:03 pm

11/3/2017 : The Halloween Contest is over. The winner and only participant is @Spiritspacewolf . Thank you for participating. 

For winning, you will get a small digital award added to your signature for a short time, and a rank "Halloween 2017" . 

This contest was REALLY dead, and no one really participated, so maybe next year, we can fix that. It was mostly my fault, I did post this contest late, and I will get going with the Thanksgiving ideas. xD

Hello, lovely users! Happy Halloween! I'd like to welcome you to the first contest of the forum and of the 2017 year.. (Mostly the first contest of the community as well).. !!!

What can I enter into the contest?

Great question, enter whatever! I will warn the faint of heart, there may be gore in this contest, so please, be advised ! 

No nudity please e.e . I know I said "whatever," but don't show off your junk. Be aware there are children. You can post "sexy" costumes, but... Make sure "sexy" is ... Covering your junk and body enough o.o !

What's the prize?

It's a secret!!!!!! You'll see Wink . But you'll definitely get a cool rank on the forum for sure as one prize!

Is there any way I HAVE to post it?

Um.. Yea, unfortunately. I will need you to put in the description/title of your post if it contains gore. That's it. Nothing big. 

HAVE FUN! Contact me for questions!

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Halloween Costume Contest 2017 {Closed}
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