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 Submitting Art **RULES**

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PostSubject: Submitting Art **RULES**   Wed Sep 13, 2017 12:55 am

Let's get to it. This part of the forum will be for submitting your art or posting some cool drawings you'd like to show off. There are rules for SUBMITTING art. As well as very FEW for showing off. If you break these rules or we disagree with what you post, prepare for a warning and it taken down.


1.) Your artwork, or don't post. 
- If you DO NOT own it, do not post it. We don't want to see it.
- If you have a FREE piece of art that the artist ALLOWS to be on Lif, have them contact me. I do have some art accounts where I'd gladly ask them questions... But we prefer users-only to post work.. Or at least, be a PART of the forum/Discord.

2.) Try your best.
- Not all of us posting are Picassos, but it doesn't mean turn in a piece you spent five minutes on. What do I mean? TRY on it. Don't turn in a slop trying to impress people and draw EVERY animal on the planet.

3.) Don't draw what's already in the game. 
You may not know what's in the client, which is fine. You can always message me with ONE or TWO animals you want to possibly draw, and I'll approve of you drawing it or disapprove, but drawing a lion when you know Lif Serengeti exists CONCERNS me. Nor any birds that we'd have in Fly Like a Bird 3. 

4.) Don't Be Negative / Crave Attention.
Don't be negative at someone's drawing if you think it's a piece of crap. React to it positively. Give them a constructive answer as to WHY it's not good in your eyes. Example?
Bad Evil or Very Mad : You literally can't draw. It looks like roadkill.
Good  Very Happy: I think it'd be better if you made the tail shorter on that animal and the muzzle a little bigger. 
Craving attention. What could that mean? Self explanatory. Don't crave attention. How? Don't try to 1-up someone. If you're a better artist, be a bigger person, help them improve instead of trying to be better than everyone else. Everyone deserves to be in this.


Posting YOUR Art:
1.) Your art or LINK back to the artist and SAY it is their's.
Prepare for a warning and your post removed. Most forums would not be picky about this, but artist's should be appreciated and not have their art stolen. Thanks Smile

2.) Don't brag nor criticize someone else's art.
Your art is not perfect, so don't pretend it to be.

TO be altered or added on to for both set of rules^.

Ask your questions below.
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Submitting Art **RULES**
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