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 I'm Grateful For... {Open}

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PostSubject: I'm Grateful For... {Open}   Fri Nov 03, 2017 9:54 pm

This will not be related to any American history, due to other countries not even celebrating it besides America Smile . However, we are still gonna hold a short little contest voted on by the moderators of USER submissions.

As usual, general rules apply, the hand and writing must be your own (no stealing and crediting yourself.) Ask questions if you're confused, etc. 

Let's get onto the actual contest. This contest is more sweet and thankful. Hint the whole theme, "I'm Grateful For..." 

Whether you celebrate Thanksgiving or not, this contest is for you, to tell us what you enjoy and are thankful you have/can do. 

Here's what we require:
-You need to make a tracing of your hand, whether you design it to look like a turkey or not. 
- On the fingers, tell us what you're thankful for, on the palm, put "I'm Grateful For.../I'm Thankful For.." For example, I'd put "I'm Thankful For," on my traced hand and put "My dog" on one of the fingers. 
-Colored or not. (I'd enjoy it if you took time and colored this because I'm not rushing you, but I think it'd be awesome if you took time on it.) IF YOU DO COLOR, make sure I can still read the text on the fingers and palm. Retrace the words with a black sharpie, if you must.

You don't have to be any culture or what not to do this, just remember. Smile Just tell us what you're grateful for. You'll be getting a special rank and pretty orange on the forum (And perhaps a special drawing/banner in your signature), if you actually put time and try to participate the best you can for the rest of November!

Please, do participate! I'd love for you too. Anyone can participate, but those who participate cannot suggest for their craft/art to win, only someone else's. 

If you're confused, here's an example on:


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I'm Grateful For... {Open}
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