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 Reporting (Users)

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PostSubject: Reporting (Users)   Wed Sep 13, 2017 11:29 pm

Hey! So you must be having issues with a user, and I'm sorry, if so. To help those struggling with how to even write the application, I've made a fast, quick one to help.

Topic: Username (Must be EXACT username.)

Crime: (Hacking? Spamming? What?)

Details: (What kinda hack? Did they continue spamming? Does the person not stop on command?)

Who with?: (Optional, but who did they do their crimes with? AKA Partner in Crime.)

Additional topics/details: (Anything/optional.)


Some things I want to cover. Reporting sometimes can cause a bit of issues.. So... Here's some things I want to let you all know.

- No false reporting. I will always check the story.

- Don't start drama if you're reported, just contact me.. Or you know, post in the comment on the report that you think they might've reported wrong. (Don't be rude about it.) Same goes if your friend is reported, or if they say you might've reported wrong, don't start a fight, I'll find out from both sides.

- If you're scared to report, which, I'd rather you report in this thread, but I'll allow you to private message. THIS DOES NOT MEAN EVERYONE. 

-Anything else you're concerned about, please, message me Smile .

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Reporting (Users)
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